The workshop is designed to build intuitive as well as intellectual understanding by layering theoretical content, experiential learning and immediate practice opportunities. Through deep and deliberative dialogue, the workshop explores leadership and what it means to exercise effective leadership in complex organisations. It addresses the question:

How can you exercise leadership in a way that fosters collaboration and advances the potential of your organisation?

In addition, the workshop embodies its teachings, as well as the core values of respect, partnership, engagement, accountability and collaboration underlying the approach. It represents a way to live the values on a daily basis.

The training equips you with...

OUTCOMES 2 AoPL 2023 by Dimitri Brooks 177 1200Techniques: 
peer circle; world café; open space; design for action; pro-action café; asking powerful questions; appreciative inquiry; story telling…

you will explore when to use which technique and how to sequence them. It will help you understand when you want to be growing ideas and when and how to find convergence; It will help you identify which tools to use to ensure you get lasting results; and just as importantly, how to capture the results of your discussions in ways that are useful to others in the organisation.

you’ll practise design processes; and consider when the process begins and ends, how you link it to other processes and how to work through periods that feel chaotic 

the workshop will help you consider how participatory practices build engagement; how changes in your own thinking impact others; what happens when you release some control and how to ensure accountability. It will help you understand how participatory organisations are more innovative and more adaptable.

participants have told us that they step up and step in far more after the training; they feel invited to take the leadership and drive for clarity and shared understanding; they engage others and build teams that work.

successful and more ambitious projects; alignment, commitment to change that works; innovation; trust; effectiveness.

The training equips you to..
  • Express greater leadership – wherever you are in an organisation
  • Create the conditions for successful innovation
  • Capture and integrate the experience and knowledge of your stakeholders
  • Design solutions that stick
  • Reinforce pride in the organisation, and stimulate trust across and throughout
  • Shift dysfunctional behaviours to productive teamwork
    Engage the hearts and minds of your colleagues and stakeholders
    Reach deep alignment and shared ownership of decisions, actions and the way forward
This brings your organisation...
  • Greater resilience and adaptability to change
  • Proactive anticipation of future needs and joint action to prepare the organization as a whole
  • Greater commitment to business priorities, purpose and success
  • Responsive and adaptable teams – including highly diverse and virtual teams
  • A re-energised work environment – which results in higher motivation, higher work satisfaction and employee retention
  • Alignment around what really matters
  • Increased competitiveness due to a diverse work force that works well together

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