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Hosting team

Nancy Bragard (France/US)

I accompany individuals and teams of diverse cultures (national and organisational) through systemic transformation. I am a firm believer of the empowerment conferred through participatory methodologies, bringing people together in conversation to initiate change. The soundness of the tacit and often unleveraged collective wisdom thus released brings forth sustainable actions, as they are identified, crafted and coordinated by the actors of the system themselves. I brought the Art of Hosting seminars to France in 2010 and, since then, have stewarded the evolution of the community of practitioners. (Fluent French and English)

Jany Barraut (Switzerland)

I partner with organizations and teams to help them work effectively across cultures and boundaries. Specialized in facilitating organizational change, developing teams and collaborative cultures in multicultural environments, I genuinely enjoy helping people and teams grow and flourish. Supporting multinational companies and international NGOs bringing meaningful change to life globally and regionally, I co-created Gen-H to help organisations and their people unleash energy and live the future they are aspiring to see; I am running as well my own consultancy in Organization Development and Change with a focus on enabling sustained transformations in multicultural contexts. (Fluent English, French and German).

Mira Bangel (Germany/Spain)

I am convinced that collaboration and effective participatory processes can help us cope with the world's most pressing challenges. I enjoy supporting organisations and groups that feel 'stuck' and face challenges.
This led me to co-create SenseTribe, a women-led consultancy that supports international organisations of all kinds to enhance collaboration and organisational flows, to host participatory events and processes and to revive their social fabric; I also support the European Commission as consultant for knowledge management strategies, decision making, process consultancy, communities of practice and organisational change. (Fluent English, German, Spanish, Dutch, French and Portuguese)

Anita Paalvast (Netherlands)

I am a trainer, coach and consultant in change processes.
I support managers and teams with increasing their effectiveness in communication, leadership and cooperation. I am passionate about letting people discover and mobilize their inner power via their physical intelligence, a dimension that is rapidly growing in the area of behaviour and culture change in organisations.
I am a practitioner of the Japanese martial art Aikido since 1992 and have a fourth degree black belt. I have worked as an internal risk manager at a multinational bank. Since I founded Aikido@Work in 2009, I combine my experience in the business world with my training and experience on the Aikido mat. (Fluent English, French, Dutch)

Maïwenn Favetto Bon (France)

My career path has led me mostly in the corporate environment, my main activity as a partner at Païdià (France) is to accompany change through meaningful conversations and collective intelligence, with teams or individuals. I have seen the workplace evolve greatly in the past 25 years and I am energized by those who stand up to make it a place that serves humanity and the planet. Holding space for them with calm, deepness and play is what I love doing most, in and outside of work! (Fluent French and English).

Fanny Monod-Mitrev (France)

I use drawing, visuals and creativity to invite people to collaborate and think differently. I see graphic facilitation as a potential to unleash the power of action of individuals and collectives by revealing the nuance of meanings and intentions. Active in several personal and professional communities, I daily use the principles of the Art of Hosting. I participated in my first seminar in 2014 and have been collaborating with fellow-practitioners ever since. Trainer and facilitator, I transmit the principles of facilitation and graphic facilitation in all areas. (Fluent French and English)

Stephan Krajcik (France, Switzerland)

I am a man who wants to contribute to making this world a better place. Sounds familiar? Naïve? Idealistic? Common? Well, it is all of the above! Beyond the tales and narrative that we all live in and contribute to, there is a simple truth: we are all humans! As such we all have the same needs, desires, fears and the same true nature. Organizations are no different since they are all made of humans. As a coach, and facilitator my mission is to help organizations clear the way to make room for their own true nature to be revealed, and find their righteous place as conscious living organisms. I am a multicultural cosmopolitan, a sculptor, and a Haiku writer. As an artist, I believe that creativity comes before love, and that love is our most wonderful creation. (Fluent in French, English and Italian)