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Master the means to reliably energise your team and organization!

People in your teams might need to deliver fast in complex settings and may have conflicting priorities and agendas. They rush from meeting to meeting to align – but tend to spend more time reacting or making their points than pro-actively engaging the organization and listening. The constant maneuvering wastes energy and good will, and slows down productive work.

What if this energy could be reliably tapped into and aligned to drive your work forward?

  • You may struggle with...

    • Silo thinking and political infighting
    • Cross-functional teams that are more loyal to their function than their team – or vice versa
    • Virtual teams that squander their energies and struggle to produce results
    • Integrating new teams and people after a merger
    • Pockets of complacency and sometimes apathy
    • Implementing and sustaining change that sticks
    • Creating a culture of innovation
    • Lack of engagement/ apparent resistance to change

      These diminish effectiveness and may breed resistance.  In this workshop you will practice methods and approaches to shift the dynamics that hinder effectiveness.

  • Shifting to effeectiveness

    This workshop lays out a structured process including tools, methods, design-thinking and a systems approach to galvanising group and organisational dynamics. While focused on groups, the practices scale from the individual to teams, to entire organizations and even communities. Built on the core values of respect, partnership, collaboration and accountability, the approach has been used to facilitate deep conversations with groups in the hundreds or as small as four.
    You will experience and practice techniques in Leadership Presence; World Café; Open Space Technology; Design for Action; Appreciative Inquiry; while also exploring when and how to use each technique effectively.

    You’ll practice addressing real world complex situations in a way that delivers alignment and actionable outcomes. So you’ll be able to use what you learn the day you get back.

  • Who has benefitted?

    The methods and techniques are designed to bring out leadership from people at all levels. We have had the following types of participants and some of the following situations:

    Examples of Roles Examples of Situations
    • Managing Directors
    • Transformation & Change Leaders
    • Functional Directors
    • Facilitators
    • Managers
    • Project Managers
    • Teams
    • Reorganisations
    • Disruptive political/ or cultural shifts (external and internal)
    • Rapidly shifting stakeholder demands (external & internal)
    • Mergers & Acquisitions
    • Multi-dimensional matrix organisation
    • Lengthening supply chains with shortening timelines

    During the previous events, we have had participants fly in from as far away as Argentina, Chile, Bangladesh and NewZealand, and others who live so close they walk to the venue. We have had over 30 nationalities represented, including participants from Switzerland, many of the European countries, North and South America, Asia and Africa. Our aim is to maintain high levels of diversity – both because it makes interactions rich and interesting, and because it proves the power of the approach to create meaning and action from widely diverse participants.

    Our sector representation has been equally broad. We have representation from multi-national organisations and corporations, mid-size firms, NGOs, and individuals. We have each time also had at least one company bring all its staff – using the workshop as a way to develop and design projects and strategies to move the organization forward.

The March 2023 edition is full.
We invite you to let us know at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you would
like to be informed when the registrations for the next edition are opening.